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The Cast of CHIMERA

We've assembled an amazing cast; many are Pueblo natives, but others are from all up and down the center of Colorado.

Kyle Cruz-Cordova

as Lt. Commander Marcus DeVol
Captain of the "Chimera

An intelligent, bookish academic, he has little experience or known talent as a leader, and is relatively young for his position. In truth, it is only due to his family's situation that he has been given his commission. One of Nova Albany's most prominent founding families, the name of DeVol has fallen on hard times, requiring Marcus to leave his preferred career path to become Captain of the Chimera, seeking the bounties and rewards of capturing blacklisted and pirate vessels to prevent the dissolution of his family's estate. Marcus does not exactly take this in stride, but sees it as his duty to his family; failure would lead to major consequences for him personally. A quiet man, he keeps much of this to himself.

Andrew VanDeGrift

as 1st Lieutenant Thomas Hess
Executive Officer, Acting Navigator

Thomas Hess was born to a military family -- all four of his brothers and sisters are line officers of the fleet. The youngest of the five, he has been granted a less steady hand than his older siblings, leading, perhaps to some lack of discipline and sense. He is a close childhood friend of DeVol's and views himself as something of a coach for his captain. Also young for his position, Hess' previous position was as an Assistant Navigator -- a far cry from the Executive Officer position his friendship with DeVol has allowed him to step into.

Brian Nakanishi

as Abner Barrows
Military Consultant/Advisor

Barrows is a respected and experienced military consultant; his profession involves recruiting and assembling officer and crew compliments for the more aristocratically connected captains of the Albanite fleet.. His presence on board the Chimera is an unusual one. Self-obsessed and confident, he's come far in his career. His participation is a favor to DeVol's father, to keep watch on the inexperienced young commander. He is not impressed with his young captain, but has nonetheless dutifully worked hard to find a crew and staff for the Chimera. He is not above inserting himself into the running of the ship, an attitude that inflates his already high opinion of himself.



as Lieutenant Gary Saverin
Fire Control Officer

Harsh, idealistic, and something of a conspiracy theorist. He's a knowledgeable officer, but not the master of any one subject. Much disillusioned by past experiences, Saverin almost seems fated to be let down by his superiors as, despite himself,  he always finds himself believing too much in the fundamental goodness of man. He hides it behind a blunt and cynical exterior. He is always trying to reconcile reality with his overly high expectations of leaders and human progress.

Blackwell Hird
Anthony Kelley


as Lieutenant Kai Cordova
Communications Officer

A highly disciplined officer who tends to think of himself as a fatherly type to young officers that he feels need a good mentor. He can get flustered and exasperated easily, but themes his life around consummate professionalism. Loves games like checkers that "build character."

Dylan Tompkins

as Ensign Devon Royce

Assistant Firecontrol/EW Specialist

Brash, cocky, and immature, he doesn't take his posting to the Chimera too seriously. The least professional of the officers, he secretly feels the Chimera is beneath somewhat beneath him. He is very knowledgeable in his field, having graduated early from an electronic warfare school, where he had a bit of a reputation as a troublemaker. This may have limited some of his early career prospects. Royce is smart and very good at his job, but he has a tendency to imply that he knows more than he does.

Andrew Hook

as Lieutenant Dennis Tamai

Special Propulsion Officer

Easy-going and extremely knowledgeable, Dennis Tamai is one of a very elite class of individuals who directs the maintenance and operation of the Static Shift Drive -- the specialized drive system used for transporting the ship from one star to another. He's had tons of schooling to arrive at this elite position; Special Propulsion Officers are viewed with a deference nearly appropriate for royalty by those in technical fields.

Jasper Johnson

as Midshipman Arnold Masterson
Assistant Communications Officer

Young, and worrisome, Masterson's inexperience shows in how he conducts himself, though he wants very much to prove himself to be capable and competent. He spends a lot of time with Royce, but sometimes finds himself pushed around by him or else the butt of his jokes.

Art Razo

as Victor Salles

Weapons Operator/Special Propulsion Assistant

Salles' grew up on the run with revolutionaries, and only as he grew older did he begin to truly think for himself. His quest to educate himself led him to Nova Albany, where he joined the service to escape his past. That past probably has something to do with his assignment to a rattling old ship like Chimera, where his admirable, but somewhat snobbish respect for education has a strong effect on his relationships with the rest of the crew, who view him as something of an elitist.

Troy Harris

as Dimitri Calderon

Shot Loader


One of several "shot loaders" who man the rail gun turrets on board the Chimera, Dimitri can be combative, aggressive, and quick to put others down, but he's a professional who knows his job. Despite his long absences from home, Dimitri is a family man at heart; he loves his wife and daughter and has an affinity for bringing back exotic presents for them after long voyages. He has an especially contentious relationship with Salles, born out of Salles' disparaging comments about the Chimera.

Dalton Wooldridge

as Abelard Gunderson

Shot Loader

Abel is the sort who wants to have adventures away from home, but without the risk of actually having an adventure. He is not a citizen of Nova Albany, but unlike much of of his family, has chosen to pursue it. His Great Aunt was once a high ranking Admiral, now retired; she highly approves of Abel's chosen path, and does her best to encourage him. Without that encouragement, it's possible he might not be on board. Space makes him nervous, the open emptiness between star systems especially so. Abel is anxious, superstitious, and sometimes jumpy, but he's determined to make his way.

John Anchondo

Nathan Foley

SepMOD Operato

Quiet and intense, Foley is a professional technician in charge of operating the suite of detection equipment on board the Chimera. Radar, laser radar, infrared, even telescopic imagery are all at his fingertips. Both combat and navigation relay heavily on Foley's talents.

Henry Grossen.png
Henry Grossen

Elias "Eli" Decker

Shot Loader

Droll and sarcastic. Sees the problems and injustices in the universe, but either doesn't care enough not to joke, or else feels there is no way to change the way things are. Pretty even-tempered.

David Mahan

Tyler Frayn
COB (Chief Of the Boat)

Frayn is experienced and competent. He regularly runs the LS/O panel on the bridge, keeping everything connected and running properly

Andrew Comden

Sven Carlyle
Chief Propulsion Officer

Chief Engineer of the Chimera.

Renee Wolfe

Deirdre Torrey
Retired Admiral

Great Aunt of one of the Chimera's crew members. She's dedicated her life to the service, commanding six ships of the fleet before her retirement. She is extremely protective of her citizenship status with Albany Nova, and is proud of her grand-nephew's decision to join the AstroNavy. Still, she is reserved in her praise, as she has been disappointed by her family in the past.

Luke Chambers

Marine Captain

Strong and confident, he is the leader of the Chimera's platoon of Marines. Neither he nor his men are part of Albany's military, but are really a cobbled together mercenary group. Merchov leads them with a strange combination of bravado, solemnity, and what amounts to pagan religion. He is not at all concerned with DeVol's and the ship's place in the Alban fleet -- he is simply glad to have a steady wage and room and board for his men. To the officers and crew of the Chimera, Merchov and his men are a strange presence, and their self imposed isolation on board generates muttering and suspicions.

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