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The Story

His family on the brink of ruin, young aristocrat Marcus DeVol takes command of the destroyer/escort starship Chimera in a last attempt to restore his status by running down pirates and blacklisted vessels for prize money. It's a "safe" job by military standards, but a change of orders just before cast-off will send Marcus and his crew far from home and into very real danger.

Marcus has few illusions about his purchased

commission. An academic, he is untested as a leader of men, and his curious mix of officers and crew regard him with a wary eye. Like Chimera herself, they've been pieced together based more on Marcus' tight budget than their experience and reliability. Many of them are foreigners with pasts who have joined the service for a clean slate. Some are more competent than others; few of them have seen real combat.

In the course of their mission, they will encounter both friend and foe, and venture into uncharted territories whose occupants each come with their own strange agendas. Throughout the series, Marcus and his crew will soon be tested by combat, by uncertainty, and by fear, as every leg of their journey and every encounter brings a new set of unknowns and challenges. Nothing in the Void is certain.

The Show
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The year is 2641. Humanity has spread out and colonized the galaxy. Some colonies remain loyal to their masters, others rebel or request independence. Instead of monolithic United Federations ruling the galaxy, individual worlds play host to many nations, each with their own culture, traditions, and territorial claims in space.

Voyage Of The Chimera  is, first and foremost, a story of characters, of military

men far from home and cut off from family and loved ones -- imagine a submarine movie, set in space. There will be action, but it will always be in service to the story. We've even made a deliberate effort to strip down the sci-fi tech and ground the series in greater technical realism. No aliens, no laser guns, self-sustaining power sources, and no shields -- these guys are going to have to rely on heavy armor, countermeasures, and strategy to survive. Chimera is not a wealthy vessel; her crew is making do with both limited provisions and materials during their perilous mission.

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