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Amazing Auditions

It's been a long time coming, but we finally held our very first open call for actors just this past Friday and wouldn't you know it, that's the day the sky decides to open up and snow all over I-25. Amazingly, we still had over 50 people show up -- some from all the way up in Denver! It was a bit of a challenge to see everyone, even in our 3 hour time frame. Ultimately we went a little over, but we did manage to actually see everybody. We've got a lot of roles to fill and, fortunately, a lot of great people showed up.

A huge thanks to all the intrepid souls who braved the miserable weather to come see us! To all of you, we had a great time meeting you and we look forward to calling some of you back. Also, our thanks to New Life Bible Church in Pueblo for opening their doors to our crazy project!

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