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A Long-Delayed Update

It's taken some time, but we're thrilled to have arrived at a script we love for Voyage of the Chimera PART II, tentatively titled "Ashes of the Chimera," as well as a decent first draft of PART III, the conclusion of our series. We've put into practice all the lessons we learned from the first film, creating a script that picks up where the first left off, but with a tighter, more directed, more plot-driven story that greatly expands our fictional world--this is where the real journey begins.

So what's next? How is this going to play out? This past Saturday the 13th, most of the original cast got together for a virtual script read--the first time we've all gotten together since before shooting the first film. Presently, we're continuing our search for a few new cast members since we have a couple of new characters to introduce. We're also beginning preparations to launch our crowdfunding campaign. If that's successful, we'll look to shoot in late spring/early summer. Hopefully, the release can happen 12 - 18 months from then, with the crowdfunding and shooting of the conclusion, Part III, taking place sometime next year. I would love to fund and shoot Part III concurrently with II, but that may be a little too ambitious...

We'll have more updates soon about a makeover of the website (with more background information on the series characters, nations, ships, technology, and general lore) and more, so don't forget to like and share. Thanks, everyone for watching the first film, following our content, and for being patient as we continue plowing ahead.


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