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Anthony Kelly is Communications Officer Kai Cordova

Anthony Kelly will be joining us in the role of Communications Officer Lieutenant Kai Cordova. Here is what he has to say about being a part of Into The Void:

"Science was always a favorite subject of mine, especially astronomy. I could never get enough of it: stars, black holes, dark matter, planets and galaxies captured my interest quickly. Space never ceases to amaze me... It is incredible to think about how massive the universe is, and how little of it we've actually been able to explore -- and it keeps expanding! I love the thought of interplanetary travel and exploring the stars, too. My dad introduced me to popular shows that featured groups traveling through galaxies and battling enemies. I remember hearing shows like star-trek and stark-gate play in the background and seeing the sci-fi themed novels he would leave on the table. Into the Void popped out to me instantly because it touches that deep-childhood love of mine.There is a big military presence on the show, too, and I love that aspect. My family has deep roots within the armed forces, so playing a lieutenant is special for me. I'm looking forward to playing Kai Cordova, and am excited for the chance to explore space, make contact with the unknown, and battle with my shipmates on the Chimera." 

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