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Brian Nakanishi is Military Consultant/Advisor Abner Barrows

Brian Nakanishi will be joining us in the role of Military Consultant/Advisor Abner Barrows. Here is what he has to say about becoming part of the team for Into the Void:

"I couldn’t possibly be more excited than I am to work with Michael and Laura on, “Into the Void.” I have been a sci-fi fanatic for as far back as I can remember, so I was immediately intrigued when I caught word of a sci-fi series being cast in Pueblo. Once I checked out the trailers and other videos that Michael and Laura had produced explaining the plot and content of the show, I was absolutely enthralled. The most compelling element of the most successful sci-fi shows, has always been the deep investment by the shows’ creators and actors in the humanity of the characters...their triumphs and struggles, their interactions both with one another and with external forces, and their depictions of the full range of human emotions, all set against the imposing and inspiring backdrop of life amongst the stars. Michael and Laura communicated the fact that although it was a show about life aboard a spacecraft in the vast and deadly environment that is outer space, it was a story that would always be character driven. As an actor, and as a fan of great storytelling, you can’t ask for anything more than that. "In looking to connect to my own role as Barrows, I foresee drawing on my own personal experience as a United States Marine to help craft the emotional depth necessary to bring this character to life. Life aboard a spacecraft as part of a crew, is not that drastic a departure from life as a Marine who is part of a platoon. While driven by duty and commitment to cause, even the most cohesive unit is subject to the vagaries of human emotions. With this in mind, I am supremely excited to delve into Barrows’ heart, mind, and soul…I’m ready to climb aboard the Chimera as she takes her place alongside the celestial vessels of sci-fi legend, like the Enterprise, Galactica, and Serenity. Please come and join us on this grand adventure!" 

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