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Dylan Tompkins is Devon Royce

Dylan Tompkins will be joining our cast as Electronic Warfare Specialist Devon Royce. Here is what he has to say about being part of Into The Void:

"I've loved science and science fiction from a young age. I was always the child who asked "why" too much, and took things apart just to put them back together. I loved finding out how things worked; my favorite film for as long as i can remember has been Back to the Future, simply because I was so invested in both the idea of time travel, but also I was amazed at the amazing possibilities that could be achieved through human ingenuity.

Alongside my love for science grew a love for the arts. I've been acting since I was seven years old. I first began pursuing it with school musicals like The Wizard of Oz, but I would later find a community that allowed me to thrive at the Damon Runyon; some of my favorite productions during my time there included Sweeney Todd and The Producers, among others. As I pursued these passions I made lifelong friends and memories I will cherish forever. I was introduced to the Into the Void by one of my friends from my theater days - I was shocked when I got a callback! But it wasn't an opportunity I wanted to slip by.

In life I am more softspoken and at times even anxious compared to my character, Devon Royce. Having read the script Royce is self-confident and headstrong in a way that I both enjoy, and find different from me in a way that just makes the character more interesting. I can't wait to start working with everyone."

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