Dalton Wooldridge as Abelard "Able" Gunderson

Dalton M. Wooldridge will be join us in the role of Shot Loader Abelard “Able” Gunderson. Here’s what he has to say about being a part of Into The Void:

I am from Kansas City, Missouri. I moved to Pueblo on a whim in 2016 because I didnt really have anything better going on. My acting career started when I found a home with The Impossible Players (On 13th and Main) in 2017 and have since then been a recurring actor and volunteer. Honestly, the project was brought to my attention by a friend who tagged me in a post for auditions, but the idea of militarized space travel has fascinated me since Patrick Stewart showed his chops with Picard. Thank you for the opportunity and I cant wait to meet and work with everyone!

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